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Shalinka Commission Guide 2017

Thanks so much for checking my commissions prices.


Frequently asked question  :


Q: How do I commission you?

A: The simpler way to commission me is to fill up my Commission Form Here so I can send you a quote for your picture. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for in the pricelist or if you have a special request, you can send me a E-mail via contact and tell me what you would like to commission.
I’ll then be able to give you a quote and talk with you about your idea. You can also fill the form and select “other” in commissions types.



Q: Are you open for commissions ?

A: To draw commissioned artwork for people is my main income and job.
I try to open commissions at least two times a month (around the 5th and the 20th). The best way to know if I’m open is to check my commissions worklist page .
You can always reply to my commission form when I’m closed. But I may not reply until I’m open again. I also happen to open some specials commissions slots, via newsletters or annoucement.
If you want to be notified when I open the commissions, or specials slots feel free to subscribe to my newsletter with this form.


Q: Where can I find your prices :

A: : My prices can be found in the price guide page where you can find a price list picture and some text infos.
It can give your a range of price for the artwork you may ask me.
Those are starting prices, some of the prices may increase or decrease depending your demands.



Q: Do you draw this « particular thing » ?

A: I tend to draw everything. I’m always eager to learn new things and draw original subjects.
I will also draw Nsfw content. You can always contact me to ask me if it’s ok. There is a list of my yes and nopes.


– Hetero, gay, trans, herm.. everything.
– Furries, ferals, humans, aliens, monsters, etc.
– Real pets
– Real persons
– Violence/gore
– Vore (soft)
– Transformation
– Bondage
– Paws
– Goo and slime
– Size difference
– Latex

Nopes :

– Watersports
– Scat
– Inflation
– Underage
– NSFW Pregnancy
– Fan-art or fan-character of a thing I don’t know/like.


Q: How do I pay? And when ?

A: Payment is via Paypal only ! You Paypal email is required for invoicing. All payment are up-front and art will only be started once payment is received. My prices are listed in €uro
If I’m interested and I picked your picture idea, I will email you before sending an invoice.



Q: When will you start my commission/When will it be done?

A: I wont start on your commission before I receive payment. I draw in the order people sent the payment. So the time it will take depends on the amount of people ahead of you in the queue.
You can find my to do list here on the website or here on a google doc.
I can also work with set deadlines (gift, special events etc)



Q: May I see some WIP pictures ?

A: Except for some artworks ( Sketches, sketchpages, speedpaints ) I always send at least the finished sketch for customer review . For the bigger pieces (Full colors, digital paintings) I send several wips of each step. Inking, flat color, shading etc.



Q: Humm.. I don’t like the pose you gave to my character, possible to edit that ?

A: Except for some artworks ( Sketches, sketchpages, speedpaints don’t have wip) It’s always possible to change the character’s positions or some elements on the sketch step. But after you have validated the sketch,
those changes can cost additionals fees. Same thing for inking or colors. If you see something wrong tell it the sooner possible to not have additionals fees to your artwork.
This of course don’t apply when I forgot something you told me or gave me in references earlier.



Q: Can’t find how much is an additional character on a picture ?

A: A additional character is for the most of the time the base price of the commission x2 (or more if there are more characters) When the picture includes backgrounds or high details like in digital painting scenes, it can be like +50% or +30% of the base price.
This depends a LOT of your characters and the picture you want. Positions and interactions between characters. So don’t hesitate to ask a quote via my form.


Terms of Services :


o Prices may increase or decrease without given notice, and the prices visible on the pricelist and the price guide page are « starting at » prices. If your character is complicated, or your want to add a character or if you want specific complex elements, we will discuss the price via email.


o I do draw things that are not included in the pricelist below, if you have seen me do something before that you would like to commission but is not to be found on the pricelist please let me know in the form or via Email.


o I reserve the right to not accept a commission for any reason. Lack of inspiration, feeling inconfortable with the characters or the theme. Etc..


o If I choose your commission idea, I will send you a E-Mail at the adress provided in the form.
If you don’t reply after some days I will maybe give the slot to someone else for that time. If I take to long and you’re not ok to have this commission anymore it’s totally fine too.


o I retain all the copyrights to the commissioned artwork including the right to make prints and merchandise. Unless negotiated differently.


o I or my customer may repost the commissioned piece (not the hd version) on all and any website as long as the artist is credited.


o I may recycle and reuse sketches and other works that were rejected by the commissioner for other commissions or personal work.


o The commissioner must read, understand and agree to the Terms of Service before contacting the Artist and requesting a commission. Sending payment is the final step to agreeing to the above terms.


o No refund is accepted if the artwork is already started.


o Being picky is different that being uncertain. Be sure to be precise when you ask a artwork or a edit. If you are not sure, maybe you should leave it up to the artist.


o Taking a commission is working together to make the idea you gave me become a reality. And I’m grateful for this. Don’t forget that you are paying for my time, my custom artwork but also for +15 years exeperience in
arting and developing my own style. I will sometimes give you my point of view on where the picture is going or how to improve it. What’s seems off or how it can be more efficient. Feel free to listen to me for better results ! Trust is the key.